Why bother with sleep at work

Sleep is increasingly a workplace wellbeing issue. Good sleep boosts our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which means wecan’t achieve optimal health without taking care of our sleep first. Plus, the impacts of not sleeping well flow into how we function (or don’t function!) in our work day. When we [...]

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Burnout is more than disengagement

http://www.hrdive.com/news/study-burnout-is-a-major-threat-to-employee-engagement/433822/ While this headline is accurate, and it’s good to see burnout recognised as a serious workplace concern, it feels important to acknowledge that burnout is so much more than a threat to employee engagement. Burnout disrupts job performance and engagement, but also people’s lives. Burnout can wreak havoc [...]

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Good mental health underpins workplace health and safety

The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 commenced in April 2016 and it requires employers to recognise employees’ mental health when creating safe workplaces. The increased emphasis on mental health alongside physical health and safety is an important step in ensuring better awareness of, and support for, protecting [...]

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